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Biography of Fourth Vice Governor

Haroutioun Y. SamuelianFourth Vice-Governor HAROUTIOUN Y. SAMUELIAN

Fourth Vice-Governor, Banque du Liban


Biographical Information

November 2016
Dr. Haroutioun Y. Samuelian is the Vice Governor of Banque du Liban, the Central Bank of Lebanon since 2009. He is in charge of:
  • The Accounting  Department
  • The  Money Services Businesses Department
  • The Payment Systems Department
He chairs the National Payment Systems Committee and Oracle implementations committee.
He is a member of the central council (governing board), open market operations committee, and the reserve investments committee.
In his previous tenure 1993-2003 as vice governor at the Central Bank of Lebanon, Dr. Samuelian, in addition to his duties in chairing several committees and supervising several departments, chaired the accounting and reporting committee, which was entrusted the task to implement an up-to-date accounting and reporting system whereby he designed and oversaw the implementation of a new state-of-the-art system which is in operation efficiently till today.
Prior to his appointment as a vice governor in 1993, Dr. Samuelian held several senior positions in International banks i.e. Citibank, Chase Manhattan Bank affiliate (Saudi Investment Bank), and United Saudi Commercial Bank. He was one of the founders from inception till operation of the two latter banks (Saudi Investment Bank and United Saudi Commercial Bank).
Dr. Samuelian has served as chairman and member on the boards of several benevolent and social societies for a long time.
Dr. Samuelian is a career Banker :
  • Currently Vice Governor since 2009
  • Senior executive director in banks in Lebanon (2005-2009)
  • Vice Governor at Banque du Liban (1993-2003)
  • Member of Bretton Woods Committee in Washington (IMF,WORLD BANK,IFC,WTO INSTITUTIONS)
  • Member of World Union of Arab Bankers
  • Former Member of The National Accounting Council
Is Visiting Lecturer at:
  • Grenoble University (Grenoble Ecole de Management) - France
  • Harvard University - USA
  • Chicago University - USA
  • Lebanese Canadian University, Aintoura Lebanon
  • Haigazian University - Lebanon
  • American University of Technology - Lebanon
  • Al Manar University - Tripoli Lebanon
  • American University in Armenia
  • Lebanese French Chamber of Commerce in Marseille- France
Has delivered several key note speeches at Banking, Financial and Economic conferences, seminars and symposiums
  • A doctoral degree in business administration from Grenoble University (Grenoble Ecole de Management) - France WITH DISTINCTION
  • An MBA from the Lebanese Canadian University in Aintoura - Lebanon
  • An MBA from University of Quebec in Montreal-Canada
  • A Diploma in Banking from Saint Joseph University, (Faculty of Law and Political Sciences-Lebanese University), Beirut-Lebanon
  • Certified Research Management Scientist by Grenoble University (Grenoble Ecole de Management)
  • Best-Officer- Worldwide award at Citibank 1975
  • High Recognition award by the Doctoral School at Grenoble University (Grenoble Ecole de Management) - France for predicting and forecasting in 2007 the global financial crisis before it happened in 2008 and his proposed solutions which were implemented globally.