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Biography of First Vice Governor


First Vice-Governor, Banque du Liban


Biographical Information
February 2017



First Vice-Governor at Banque du Liban, Lebanon’s central bank, since April 2009. He is also the:

  • Alternate Governor for Lebanon at the International Monetary Fund as well at the Arab Monetary Fund’s Board of Governors;
  • Alternate Chairman of the Capital Markets Authority in Lebanon;
  • Chair of the Advisory Council for the Islamic Finance Qualification (IFQ).
  • Executive  Director  for  the  Levant  region  at  the  Arab  Monetary  Fund’s  Board  of  Executive Directors and member of the Audit and Risk Committee (2013 – 2016);
Main tasks at Banque du Liban:
  • Member  of  the  Central  Council,  the  Open  Market  Committee,  and  the  Reserves’  Investment Committee;
  • Chair of the Financial Inclusion Committee,  the  Information  Security  Management  Committee  and  the  Islamic  Banking  Regulatory Committee;
In addition to overseeing the following areas:
  • Strategy and Organizational Development; 
  • Financial Infrastructure Department;
  • Information Technology Department;
  • Cash Operations Department;
  • Branch Network Department.

Previous Banking experience:

Twenty years of banking experience at leading commercial banks in Lebanon and in the United Arab Emirates. Held senior positions including Deputy General Manager and Director of Total Quality Management (TQM) program.

In the civil society arena:

  • A lifelong activist in the areas of social justice, women empowerment, interfaith dialogue, and institutional, human and economic development;
  • Former board member of several non-governmental organizations;
  • Active with the Lebanese diaspora and in the field of emigrant studies;
  • Member of the Council of Ministers’- affiliated Committee for the selection of public sector leaders;
  • Member of the Examining Committee in charge of selecting members for the diplomatic corps.
  • Jury panelist at the “Lebanese Excellence Award”.

In the academic field:

  • Lectured at Harvard, Yale, Tufts and University of California, Irvine in the USA; the University of Toronto and McGill in Canada; INSEAD, Sciences Po and HEC in France on the current challenges of Central Banking and of the Arab Countries in Tansitions on the monetary, economic, financial, social and cultural aspects;
  • Former visiting lecturer at select universities in Lebanon where he facilitated courses in strategic management, leadership and change;
  • Member of several master thesis and doctoral dissertation juries;
  • Contributor to many national and international forums on the issues of governance, quality management systems, conflict management, peace-building, personal development, and group dynamics;

Other qualifications:

  • Holder of masters and bachelor degrees in Business Administration from the University of North Carolina, Charlotte in the United States;
  • Participant in several specialized executive education programs in the areas of leadership and strategy at Harvard and MIT. 
  • His papers and presentations reflecting his various interests are gathered on his website: