Musee De La Banque Du Liban The Banque du Liban Museum opened to the public in November 2013 and offers free guided tours to the general public and students’ groups.

BDL Museum, which is the first money museum in Lebanon, displays oldest local currencies that have existed in Lebanon’s history, including ottoman banknotes, Lebanese bank notes dating since 1919 in addition to a selection of coins dating back since 5th century BC and covering different historical periods.

The museum’s collection includes as well a selection of international banknotes from all over the world.

A selection of interactive simulation games and hands- on activities is also available to make the visit of the museum about much more than money… shedding the light on the role of the Central bank and its different functions as well.

In addition, visitors to the BDL Museum can view a 10-minute documentary exploring the history and evolution of the currency in Lebanon.